KIWA Projects


Produce Pantry

In partnership with API Forward Movement‘s program Food Roots, KIWA members and tenants will receive a bag of fresh produce twice a month and a monthly cooking class between March – July 2018. Koreatown residents and workers face high poverty rates and food insecurity making regular access to fresh produce hard to come by. Through this partnership, our team looks to address food insecurity among our community members and provide tools and resources for healthier living because we believe healthy communities are thriving communities. KIWA understands that providing food fuels our movement, we just need better fuel.

Ktown Farms

Koreatown, where KIWA is based, is a very diverse neighborhood with many low-income residents that is also one of the most park poor urban neighborhoods in the nation. The working poverty rate in Koreatown is 17 percent, which is nearly triple that of LA County as a whole. With close to 50,000 people per square mile, there is not nearly enough green or open space to serve the community. Ktown Farms seeks to address this by constructing small, community-led gardens in unused spaces throughout the neighborhood.

Ktown Farms is currently inactive.

Arte del Corazon

Created by KIWA members and local artists, Arte del Corazon is a space of intercultural dialogue and exchange. Every week, artists in Koreatown come together at KIWA to share ideas and create beautiful crafts and works of art, from murals and paintings to sculptures and picture frames. For more information on how to join Arte del Corazon, or if you are interested in purchasing one of their creations, please contact us at

Korean Drumming Group

Drums play a very important role in Korean culture and history. They are played at festivals, during folk dances, and at political demonstrations. KIWA members have carried on this traditional by forming their own drumming group as a form of powerful cultural resistance. The group meets once a week to hold open classes and practice on Mondays at 6:30pm. They then perform at local celebrations and during KIWA’s public demonstrations. If you are interested in learning how to play the Korean drums, please contact us at

From Where We Stand

From Where We Stand documents the stories of several KIWA members who are low-income immigrant workers in Los Angeles. This project brings the personal, individual and unique stories of these individuals to the forefront, and asks that, instead of looking past people, we look to them and listen.