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El pueblo, unido, jamás será vencido!
단결 투쟁, 단결 투쟁!
The people, united, will never be defeated! 

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Our Mission:

Worker Justice.

Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA)’s mission is to empower Koreatown’s immigrant workers in low-wage industries for dignity and respect in the workplace and community, and to work together with other communities to realize a vision of a just Los Angeles.  One of the nation’s most established workers centers, KIWA is one of few community groups organizes both Korean and Latino workers. Our vision is to bring together workers, community members, and students in a broad, multi-ethnic coalition.


노동 상담소
Worker Empowerment Clinic
La Clínica de Empoderamiento de Trabajadores

직장에 문제가 많나요? 
Problems at work? 
Problemas en el trabajo?  

위와 같은 일을 경험하셨다면 매주 목요일 6시에서 7시까지 실시되는 KIWA의 노동상담소를 방문하세요 
If this is happening, come to our KIWA workshop, every Thursday, any time from 6pm to 7pm
Si esto le esta pasando venga a un taller en KIWA todos los jueves entre 6 y 7pm.

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Join the KIWA Family as a member, intern/volunteer, or supporter!


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Join our movement of committed individuals and families to change and transform our lives. Through monthly membership meetings, committees, programs, and actions, we come together in solidarity and community.

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Your support will help KIWA stand strongly with workers to fight for better conditions in the workplace and community. It takes all of us to build the neighborhood, city, and state we deserve.